We’re about making your business a performing asset . . . period.

Level Up Your Business
At Compass Group we focus on doing a few things really well… things that will truly inform you and help your business thrive.

Retail Consulting

We are retail experts working hand in hand with independent retailers to increase sales and achieve better maintained margins… with less inventory investment. We are data intelligence driven, providing “the science behind the art” of successful retailing. We empower clients to focus more of their time and energy on team alignment, customer engagement and store experience … while giving them the leverage they need to manage inventory balance and flow more effectively and put them in control of their cash flow. Our work has been supported for well over a decade by Management One and Retail Orbit®…the national leaders in retail analytics and intelligence for independent retailers.

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Beauty Shop Owner

Business Coaching & Advisory

Are you searching for operational and productivity gains, struggling with cash flow, operating margins and profitability for your business? What about growth? Do you have strategies that you can implement right NOW?

Are you planning to start a new business, or acquire one? Curious what might be the best financial investment? We have made all of the “rookie” mistakes and can help you better navigate this process to avoid a significant loss of time and money.

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Exit Strategy / Business Sale / Business Acquisition

Has your business been a “performing asset” for at least three years and are you ready to see what selling might look like? As a Business Intermediary and Certified Mergers & Acquisitions Professional with Transworld Business Advisors, I help small (main street) and lower middle market business navigate and execute a successful sale (or acquisition of a business.)

Or are you “taking your foot off the gas” and need to see what it will take to get your business “ready” to sell and monetize your investment / hard work over the years? Doing the same thing year over year, will only get you the same results… or more likely worse.

Maybe you need a strategy to double your free time, increase profitability and increase your business value by 50%? It is not as complicated as you may think…but you need a plan & the willingness to put in some work. As an Exit Strategist with Exit Factor®, we’ll value at current state show you what it will take to optimize that value, record your processes, transform your business (execute on a strategy) and better position you for a desired exit.

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Ending a Business Deal


David Wechsler

David Wechsler

Principal / Founder

With over 40 years of business experience spanning the consumer goods and services, retail, hospitality, sports, tourism, and entertainment sector, I’m able to bring a wealth of wisdom to my practice…and valuable insight to your business. With early tenures on Wall Street, Madison Avenue and in Silicon Valley, I honed my diverse skills as a Senior Director, CEO and COO with several small to medium sized multi-unit businesses as well as a $650M, publicly traded (NASDAQ) company.

As an accomplished “hands-on” executive, business consultant and entrepreneur, I’ve demonstrated success in leading organizations and management teams through initial start-up, transition, rapid growth and exit. I have a proven history of generating positive financial results for principals, owners and investors through organizational and process improvement, with a commitment to building strong management teams and an extraordinary brand reputation.


"I was able to survive the recession and come out on the other side with the best margin and turn metrics we’d ever had. David’s involvement feels like a partnership and I can’t imagine navigating my inventory decisions without him. What he brings to the table is ‘marrying my art with his science’. He lets me do the picking, but fills in the when and the how much. David has continuously enhanced our thinking including direct support for our point-of-sale system, in-depth historical financial analysis, and connecting us with other retailers to share marketing and outreach plans."

Jessica H


"After working with David for over seven years I can see all the changes I have implemented in my business as a direct result of his advice and counsel. My business is in growth mode (four more stores), and I know, if I ever have a question or just need to share an insight, David is just a phone call away. He always gives me his full attention, and is extremely generous with his time. Not only do I love learning the intricate retail metrics from him, but I also trust him when discussing confidential details about my business. As a result, in my opinion, he is the complete package for anyone looking to get their business to the next level."

Shana C


"David works hard to insure that our investment in inventory is actively managed to achieve the best return. He tells us exactly how much inventory to bring in and when to bring it in so that we can maximize our cash flow. We can see the improvement month to month, and it certainly makes our job less stressful when we go to market. As a bonus, David is very helpful with our management team and staff productivity. A pleasure to work with :-)"

Janet T


"David came highly recommended to us because we are looking to get immediate breakthroughs in our business that would accelerate our profit goals. His specific insights and willingness to tell it like it is is both refreshing and needed. With David’s guidance our management team is all on the same page and is being held accountable in implementing action items and molding our growth strategies."

Hermann L


"David’s professional help and advisory was instrumental in creating awareness of how important it was to closely monitor our buying to minimize risk and maximize opportunity for better margins. Further, to key in on our expenses to make sure they were in line every month. Working with him has been incredibly valuable."

Kara R


"David is an innovator. He understands the business value of meeting customers unmet and latent needs. David has keen insights into his customer needs and consistently delivers experiences that delight customers. David is also a pleasure to work with: intelligent, engaging and quick witted."

Andy F


"When it comes to facilitation, coaching and most importantly helping business owners take their business to the next level, David is one of the best! His business acumen, financial acumen and ability to understand all types of industries and connect with all kinds of people make him unique in so many ways. His clients all benefit significantly with what David brings to the table. I am lucky to be able to work with David and recommend him to others."

Blair K

Contact Us

We certainly cannot tell you that you need our help before we first sit down with you… preferably face-to-face and learn about your business, your goals (business and personal) and the various challenges you may be facing.

Once we’ve had the opportunity to listen… we’ll share our thoughts on whether or not there is a fit for us. If you don’t like or agree with what we have to say, that’s okay. If we’ve piqued your interest and you want to keep talking, we’ll keep going. Our services are certainly not for everyone…like with anything, there is no magic pill…you have to commit to working smarter.

We’ll likely ask to see your company’s financial statements, performance metrics, sales and inventory data (as appropriate.) With this information in hand, we’ll be able to accurately create “what-if” scenarios and propose solutions, an implementation plan and most importantly…quantify the benefits of working with us… in real dollars. You should expect, and our clients have consistently seen 3X-8X return on investment.

Now, you can make a decision “yes” or “no” based on real information… not conjecture. If we get the green light, we’ll set and agree on both of our expectations necessary to develop the desired results! By the way, our initial meeting(s) are always free of charge and free of any pressure or expectation to move forward.

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